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ij.start.canon :

Canon is one of the printer utilities that is a complete software package meant to adjust and modify the configurations of your printer device as per the requirement. It is one of the crucial utility software offered by ij Start Cannon in order to ease your printer configuration alteration using a few clicks.

Since Canon has been around for a very long time now, it has managed to create a global reputation. The reason for Canon’s increased reputation is because it provides the best-in-class imaging products, industrial products, and optical products as well.

The product list for http //ij.start.cannon comprises printers, scanners, cameras, lenses, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and much more. On several opportunities, Canon has been voted as the best in the imaging solution industry among various other brands.

There are multiple reports, shreds of evidence, and statistics that show canon.com/ijsetup products have been a great market competitor. They have been able to successfully acquire a huge base of loyal customers and users across the globe. However, there is one of Canon’s products that is known to be one of the best Canon Printers. In order to check out the products don’t forget to visit http //ij.start.canon.

We are here to provide the opportunity to discuss the working of these printers and their usage for a better print experience. You will also be aware of the major traits of Canon printers, their required system compatibility, the launch process and so much more.

Common Errors Faced By http //ij.start.canon

  • Canon Printer Error: Error B203
  • Canon printer error: "Error 5100"
  • Canon printer error: "Error 5200"
  • Canon printer error: "Error 6000"
  • Canon printer error: "Error 5B00"
  • Canon printer error: "Error C000"
  • Canon printer error: "Error B200"
  • Canon printer error: "Error e02"
  • General troubleshooting with Canon printers
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What are the market segments Canon is competing in?

We are here to take you through the elaborate process for http //ij.start.cannon. It is crucial for you to know about the major market segments in which Canon functions.

Given below is the list for the same:

  • Business-to-Business Market
  • Commercial Markets
  • Consumer Markets
  • Government
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Have A Look At The Steps Involved In Setting Up Printer Drivers:

  • There are two vital things to keep in mind prior to visiting the official website and downloading the required drivers:
    • In case you do have a wireless printer, only in those scenarios, this particular process can proceed.
    • It is important to note that the network connection on which the printer is surviving must be strong and within a good range of the internet.
  • Next is to focus on the star of this part of the road and downloading and setting up the software for driver installation:
Setting Up Printer Drivers - ijcanonn-start
  • Select your favorite web browser and get access to a website named http://canon.com/ijsetup, or you can simply type “ij start Canon” direct in the address bar. This step refers to you initiating the procedure by visiting directly visiting the official site online that will help you guide to download the Canon Printer Drivers.
  • The next step is that we will direct you to get into the option that reads “Setup” followed by the box for “Product Name”. It is crucial to be precise about the model number for your printer so make sure to type it on carefully and hit the “Go” button.
  • You must be sure of the compatibility prior to going on to downloading the required print drivers with the in-use device’s operating system. This is the reason why you have to choose from the available on-screen options. Then go on to “Download” right at the center of the screen.
  • The speed of your network determines the downloading speed and the connectivity network is yet another major factor as well. Wait for the download procedure to its completion by trying your level best to keep up with the instruction of not switching the computer screen since it can be majorly responsible to cause errors and recurring problems throughout the process of http //ij.start.canon setup.
  • Now the download is fully completed so you must go to the next part of enhancing your print experience.

Guidelines to Ij.start canon: Set Up Canon Printer with Https Ij Start Canon :

  • After the downloading of the required print drivers, now it is time to divert the focus to installing the drivers with the help of ij start Canon TS3122 in order to move on and enhance your print experience with the assistance of one of the best printer brands ever:
  • Commence the installation process by getting into the “Downloads” folder on your system in order to run the driver files.
  • Make sure to double click on the files and hit on “Run” for beginning the extraction process.
  • As soon as you witness the Canon Driver Setup screen, you ought to go on and verify the language you want to function in order to proceed to the further steps in the software, that will command your printer.
  • The next step is to create a link between your Canon Printer (wireless) and your computer. It is crucial to select between a USB connector or otherwise connection method in order to link the two devices together. Now proceed further by choosing the model number and get the drivers and software list displayed on the screen itself.
  • Move to the next step by enabling the required checkboxes after confirming that there is enough space on your computer for the printer drivers to settle in. Select the “Next” button as a confirmation.
  • Next is to navigate yourself to http://canon.com/ijsetup for upcoming steps. Make sure to thoroughly read the License Agreement window in order to avoid future errors.
  • Once the installation process is fully complete, proceed further by conducting a test on the printer by running a test print process and a positive print output would mean the successful installation of your Printer Drives into your printer.

Canon Printer Setup :

Step 1 Navigate to the official website of Https Ij Start Canon and download the appropriate model drivers for your printer model. Don’t forget to ensure the compatibility of the operating system version while downloading and loading the model drivers for your printer. Step 2 Double click on it to proceed further with the installation process. Click on the “wireless connection’ option available on your computer screen where it directs you to choose a method for connecting the printer. If your device is connected with a wired connection, then you need to click on the USB connection option. For Mac users, the right credentials need to be entered in the designated field and then the user can proceed further with the installation process. Connection Method Slection - ijcanonn-start Step 3 Now, turn on your canon printer and make sure that you are connected to a proper active network connection. For that, check the best connectivity with the power outlet. Connectivity with the Power Outlet - ijcanonn-start Step 4 Press the Wi-Fi alarm lamp key given on your canon printer and hold that Wi-Fi button for a while until the lamp starts flashing twice. Wi-Fi alarm - ijcanonn-start Step 5 You can see the blue flashing light from the Wi-Fi lamp which ensures that you have successfully connected the printer with the router. Wi-Fi alarm 2 - ijcanonn-start Step 6 Read the license agreement and accept the agreement by clicking “Yes”. Before that go through the necessary details pertaining to your region where you can find the printer model name along with the name of the wireless network. Step 7 After ensuring the connection of the wireless network with the printer, click “complete” the installation process gets finished. installation process -ijcanonn-start
Frequently Asked Questions
Most frequent questions and answers

Installing the print drivers is the most crucial part of the printer setup procedure, especially in this tech-savvy and wireless world. Canon printers have been extremely efficient in giving out the best print results and for that it requires printer drivers downloaded from an authentic website. You just need to visit the Canon IJ setup portal online, feed in the required wireless printer details and install the compatible drivers.

There are tons of changes that a printer goes through and sometimes the device gets confused about how to resolve the issues on its own (if any). In those times, users would see an error text or message on the printer screen, which would require a quick reboot. Go forth with turning the printer off and then switching it on after a few minutes, followed by a routine check of the latest printer drivers. If that does not clear the error message, move ahead to close the cover on the cartridge and perform the reboot again. If that doesn’t work too, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Canon Customer Support center for guided assistance.

Sometimes, downloading and installing the printer drivers from ij.start.cannon might cause some delay. That might mean your drivers have been installed incorrectly. So, the best way out here is to uninstall the drivers, restart or reboot your computer, and go on to reinstall the required drivers. You can begin with a Custom Install on the Setup CD-ROM, go on to the IJ drivers for selection, and after you are done with selecting, restart the computer before you begin the reinstallation.

If you encounter any kind of trouble with your Canon printer drivers after you’ve downloaded and installed them from its official website- ij.start.canon, you need to uninstall and reinstall the latest versions of your printer drivers. For Windows, start with hitting the “Windows” key along with the “X” key, from the list that appears, go on to “Programs and Features”. Now, head to the spot and select the Canon print drivers from the available programs to “Uninstall” and keep up with the prompts that come up. Once that is done, make sure the issue is resolved. And if not, you need to ask for help from the brand’s customer support team.


Canon is a reputable name in the electronic industry. We have carefully curated the above information on Canon ij.start.cannon and how to install the Canon drivers efficiently. If you face any issues or problems, make sure to get in touch with us immediately. Our around-the-clock customer service is here to solve all your http //ij.start.canon Canon-related problems anywhere and anytime.