Canon Pixma TS9120

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Canon Pixma TS9120

Canon is the world’s leading brand in printers and cameras. Canon has various models and products in the printer’s section and one of their most popular products is the Canon Pixma TS9120 printer.

Canon Inc was established on 10th August 1937 and their first printer was released in 1985 using the bubble jet technology, and from 1985, the company has never looked back.

It has continued making more new products with unique and innovative features and due to that reason, Canon has successfully built its brand image and has captured the great size of a competitive market. Even though, when we even just think of buying a great printer, then the only brand name which comes to our mind is Canon.

Canon Pixma TS9120 Printers

It is a wireless printer available in three different colors i.e. gray, gold, and black. This printer comes with Inkjet printing technology along with USB connectivity. From printing stunning photographs or documents, this 6-color individual ink system will never compromise your work quality by providing speed and quality.

This device can be used in both homes and offices and is compatible with smartphones, PC and laptops as well. With its two-tone design and multiple color options, the Canon Pixma Ts 9120 printer is an all-in-one printer that fits perfectly on any side of your home and looks great. This printer is easy to connect with smartphones and other electronic devices and empowers its users to print hassle-free through the cloud, Bluetooth, or wifi.

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Canon Pixma TS9120: Features

Here are the features of the Canon Pixma TS 9120 printer that separates it from the competition.

  • Built-in WIFI and Bluetooth feature
  • Printing speed of 15 ipm in black color and 10 ipm in color printouts.
  • Paper feeding options are available in both front and rear.
  • 5” touch screen LCD for better control
  • Inbuilt SD card slot that helps to print directly from the memory card.
  • Taking out the prints from Mobile through Apple Air Print or Google Cloud Print.

How to Set up Canon Pixma TS 9120

Once you have purchased the Canon Pixma TS 9120 printer, then the most important question that comes in the mind is how to set up the printer. So, here are the steps that you can follow to set up your Canon Pixma TS 9120.

  • At first, unbox your Canon Printer TS 9120 with gentle hands and remove the packaging.
  • Then, connect the canon printer with the main electricity board.
  • Now, turn on your printer by pressing the ON button.
  • Remove the top cover of the printer and then remove the orange color protective cap from the print head.
  • Now, pull out the print head cover and insert the print head.
  • Gently push the print head back to its original place and with precautions, lower the print head lock level.
  • Then, put the ink cartridges and press the push mark on the ink tank.
  • As soon as you put the ink cartridges, then the lights of the ink cartridge will turn red.
  • Put the top cover of the printer back into its space and install the printer driver from the official driver of the canon (

Set up Canon Pixma TS 9120 Image 2

How to Connect Canon Pixma TS 9120 with WIFI

Below, we have mentioned the steps that you can easily follow to get your Canon Pixma TS 9120 connected with WIFI.

  • First of all, you have to turn ON your canon printer by pressing the “ON” button.
  • After that, use the touch screen to go to the printer’s ‘Home’ page and then press and hold the ‘WIFI’ button for a few seconds.
  • Then, tap the “LAN Wireless set up” option and then tap on OK.
  • Now, your Canon Pixma TS 9120 Printer will start searching for the available WIFI networks to that specific location.
  • Then tap on your WIFI Network and type the password.
  • After that, tap on OK to connect the WIFI.
  • At last, the printer will take a few seconds to connect the WIFI for the first time. Later on, from the next time, it will be connected automatically.

Canon Pixma TS 9120 with WIFI

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

In case, if you have shortlisted some of the products of canon products, then you can check for their availability from the official website of Canon. You can go to their support page and from that, you can select the country or locality. Once you will select the country, it will show you all the available products in your country.

Please note that canon doesn’t allow its users, to extend their warranty a month before the standard warranty ends. To get the warranty extended for your products, then take your product to the official store Canon and they will charge some costs as per the years for which you want to get the extended warranty.

Although a printer doesn’t ask for frequent services like the vehicles, but if you are facing some errors in your printer while using it, then getting the service done for your printer can help you to get the error resolved. You can visit this page to know the nearest Canon service center in your area.


Canon is a reputable name in the electronic industry. We have carefully curated the above information on Canon ij.start.cannon and how to install the Canon drivers efficiently. If you face any issues or problems, make sure to get in touch with us immediately. Our around-the-clock customer service is here to solve all your http // Canon-related problems anywhere and anytime.